Team4World Holding

K-9 Sense Holding

Founded in 2005, Eastwind Training is the region’s premier private company providing first-class canine professional training.

Founded primarily to address security challenges in the transportation industry, K2 Europe is one of the best-in-class K-9 security companies

Eastwind Dog Center is a highly specialized canine supplier for the military, law enforcement, and security firms. The dog center screens, test, and selects quality green (untrained) working dogs to match the specific needs of global customers.

A subsidiary of K9 Sense Holding, Eastwind Kennel provides exceptional dog care services for pet parents. Eastwind has proudly served thousands of clients over the span of 20 years.

1DogZone is a company providing pet parents with everything the dog needs, including dog food, treats, and accessories.


Venturous Solutions was born of Team4 World's vision of becoming a "World-class Business Innovation & Technology Consociate".
Venturous is our technology enabler that helps us innovate and build our integrated 4D solutions